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KURE 365 Clary Sage Mist
KURE 365 Clary Sage Mist

Clary Sage Rollerball - $10.00 / 10 ml


The calm blend of essential oils balances the mind, inducing a sense of peace and relaxation. Sophisticated in scent, this blend is adored by both men and women. Perfect for your car, purse, desk, yoga practice or for meditating.
Both clary sage and lavender are beneficial to the skin.
Stay calm and roll on.
Comes in 10 ml glass bottle with muslin drawstring bag.

10 ml bottle


No Parabens - No Animal Testing - No GMO's



Apply by rolling onto your wrist, collarbone or to the bottom of your feet and massage into the skin.



Not for children or pregnant women. Apply a small amount to skin to test for allergies. keep out of direct sunlight and heat.


100% Recyclable. PLEASE recycle this bottle.


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Kyle J.

St. Louis, MO

rating 06 Nov 2015

I absolutely love my Rollerball! It has a very unique scent which is very calm and relaxing. I highly recommend this!

Allyson D.

San Juan, PR

rating 17 Nov 2015

I love it. It's a piece of heaven. A wonderful gift to share this Christmas with friends and love ones. Thank you!

Missy W.

St. Louis, MO

rating 01 Mar 2017

I received the rollerball in the Laguna Gift Box from my sister. I grind my teeth at night and wake up with tension headaches often. I started massaging this oil onto my temples for relief and to relax. While I still grind my teeth this oil is a nice way to massage out the tension. Bonus I get compliments on how I smell.