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Clary Sage Lavender Soap - $10.00 / 4.5 oz

KURE 365 Clary Sage Lavender Soap


A day at the spa! Clary sage essential oil, widely used in perfumes, smells warm and lightly sweet with deep sophisticated floral undertones. Well suited for both men and women, clary sage improves blood circulation and promotes cell regeneration. The blend with earthy lavender essential oil is calming and relaxing. French green clay pulls toxins an impurities from the skin. Cup your hand around this bar and inhale deeply, it's time to relax.



Aloe Vera, Distilled Water, Lye (100% Saponified), Olive Oil, Sustainable (RSPO) Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Lavender Essential Oil, Clary Sage Essential Oil and French Green Clay.


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Brad S.

Kansas City, MO

rating 11 Jul 2016

I purchased two bars from this company, one lavender and one clary sage and lavender. I'm impressed with both but they are a little different in feel. This bar with aloe has a really smooth feel on the skin that I like. The lavender without the aloe vera doesn't but is equally as good. Both are very lightly scented which I prefer in a soap. Both lasted longer than other handmade bars I have purchased and were meaty in size. I'll definitely be back. Thanks!